Analytical Laboratory Facility- Gateway Analytical

Our Facility

A state-of-the-art analytical laboratory deploying cutting-edge techniques.

Our scientists go to work in a 17,000 square foot facility equipped with all the tools a modern, industry-leading laboratory should have. That includes expansive ISO Class 5 and Class 7 HEPA-filtered environments, a negative pressure cytotoxic drug handling laboratory, a “particle-free” water system, separate spaces for various microscopy instruments, an innovative real-time collaboration conference room in the clean room itself, and more.

We’re successful because we’re good listeners.

We want to hear the ins and outs of your investigation. Even better, if you have special protocols you’d like us to follow we’re well-experienced with method transfer. Think of it as your best ideas being implemented in a state-of-the-art lab and improved upon by expert scientists. We’ll return the favor by providing our detailed protocols used for your project.

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