Materials Analysis

We provide materials analysis services that investigate, isolate, and analyze sources of contamination, causes of defects, composition of inclusions, and more.

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Failing equipment. Product returns. Losing a step on your competitors. The most successful companies understand that materials analysis is central to consistently delivering high quality products into the marketplace. To you, that may mean designing a steelmaking process that produces the lowest rates of inclusions at the lowest costs, or understanding material defects that can threaten your operations with unscheduled downtime. To us at Gateway Analytical, it means another opportunity to create value for our customers.

We provide comprehensive materials and root cause analysis services to investigate the what, when, how, and why of material failures and defects. From raw materials analysis of your supply chain to on-site process evaluation for contamination sourcing and root cause analysis, our expert team deploys cutting edge characterization techniques to conduct multi-tiered forensic investigations. Even when dealing with the most difficult sample types, we deliver fast and accurate solutions for both proactive and reactive materials testing in the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries.

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When you’re an industry-leading analytical lab for drug developers, you don’t build just another materials analysis business.

Whether you’re looking to avoid costly recalls and unnecessary process downtime or need to get your operations back on track, Gateway Analytical’s lineup of materials analysis and testing services are the more than capable of finding the answers you need with accuracy and precision.