Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Vials for Glass Delamination

Authors & Contributors
Antonio Scatena
February 04, 2014

Glass delamination can be a costly problem for pharmaceutical drug vial manufactures. For one vial manufacturer glass delamination can cause the recall of thousands of vials of drug product. In this webinar, you will learn about the common types of problems caused by glass delamination in pharmaceutical vials and the analytical testing processes Gateway Analytical uses to evaluate them.

Highlighted Topics Covered

  • Common issues caused by glass delamination
  • Valuable technology and analytical techniques used for evaluation
  • A case study review of pharmaceutical vial’s suspected of having glass delamination
  • Review of final case study results with an open Q&A session
  • Benefits of stability studies for glass delamination

Join Gateway Analytical Laboratory Manager, Antonio Scatena as he discusses a case study involving the evaluation of pharmaceutical vials that were suspected of having glass delamination.  In this case study, Antonio will review the technology and analytical methods used as well as discuss the final results and provide attendees with an open Q&A session.