Determining Content Uniformity Using Raman Chemical Imaging

May 11, 2012

Content uniformity of a drug product has a direct impact on product performance, quality and efficacy.  Raman and near-infrared chemical imaging are novel techniques used to provide an accurate, timely and cost-effective method, which is important when evaluating a drug product’s content uniformity.  By using these techniques, drug developers can ensure the desired product performance while reducing development costs.

This webinar is designed for scientists working to develop oral drug tablets, semi-solid creams and gels, and medical devices such as transdermal patches.  In this webinar, we will discuss the benefit of these novel techniques when evaluating and determining content uniformity and blend uniformity.  Specifically, we will discuss how such analytical data is important in determining the quality and performance of a product.

Highlighted Topics Covered:

  • Impact of content and blend uniformity on drug product performance
  • Novel techniques for evaluating content and blend uniformity
  • When to use Raman versus near-infrared chemical imaging techniques