Characterizing Pharmaceuticals Utilizing Chemical Imaging

July 26, 2011

Chemical imaging is an analytical technique that combines digital imaging with spectroscopy to characterize materials in various drug delivery systems, including nasal spray and inhalation products, semi-solids, solids, transdermal and controlled release systems, as well as medical devices. From determining a polymorphic form to evaluating the particle size distribution of an active pharmaceutical ingredient, this method can shed light on many of today’s complex challenges in drug development.

In this webinar Dr. Priore presents an introduction to chemical imaging, focusing on what it is, why it’s effective and how it can be a valuable tool to support pharmaceutical analysis.

Highlighted Topics Covered:

  • A general overview of chemical imaging and common techniques used
  • Types of chemical imaging approaches, including line scanning, wide field and point mapping
  • Advantages in several pharmaceutical applications
    – Polymorph analysis
    – Layer thickness measurements
    – Ingredient-specific particle sizing
    – Blend/content uniformity analysis
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