The Benefits of Using Raman Spectroscopy and LIBS for Automated Particle Identification

Authors & Contributors
David Exline
March 26, 2014

Identification of foreign particles in a drug product is a serious concern for today’s pharmaceutical drug manufactures. Manufactures often need to quickly understand where these particles come from and what they are in order to avoid potential quality concerns that could lead to an expensive recall.

This webinar offers attendees insight into the value of using Raman and LIBS for automated particle identification as a fast and effective method for understanding the composition of foreign particles, which ultimately provides key details for identifying the contamination source.

Join David Exline, Vice President of Gateway Analytical and Dr. Oliver K. Valet, Co-founder of rap-ID Particle Systems as they share their combined 30 years of experience providing particle identification services to pharmaceutical drug manufactures in need. During this webinar they will discuss Raman and LIBS technology and the rap-ID  SPE-Is raman.ID + Metal.ID system that they use to provide automated particle sizing and characterization. In addition, they will also discuss some of the most commonly found sources of foreign particulate and present application and case study examples of automated particle identification.

Topics Covered Will Include

  • An overview of Raman/ LIBS Technology and capabilities
  • How Raman/LIBS compares to other technologies for particle identification
  • Commonly found sources of particulate contamination
  • Application and case study examples of automated particle identification

Who Should Attend?

You should attend this webinar if you are involved in guaranteeing the quality and safety of drug products and are looking for an effective method for identify foreign particulate.

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