Gateway Analytical and Chemic Laboratories Announce Joint Cooperation Agreement

November 18, 2015

PITTSBURGH, November 18, 2015 — Chemic Laboratories Inc. and Gateway Analytical today announced establishment of a formal one year Joint Cooperation Agreement that will enable the two firms to collaborate on a variety of Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical client interests, primarily in the areas of product development as it pertains to extractables, leachables, visible and sub-visible particulate analysis supporting Single-Use Systems (SUS). Under this agreement, the companies can now leverage their collective expertise in their expert analytics to make a substantial difference in their client’s business performance and a greater understanding of their materials of choice.

“Chemic is very pleased to establish this formal working relationship with Gateway, which is an established expert in the field of particulate analysis and identification,” said Joseph St. Laurent, President and CSO of Chemic Laboratories Inc. “This Joint Agreement allows our two companies to immediately leverage our particular expertise for the advancement of SUS in the biopharmaceutical marketplace.”

“Gateway Analytical is proud to announce our collaboration with Chemic Laboratories,” says David Exline, Senior Vice President at Gateway Analytical. “We recognize that drug manufacturers often need analytical support at many different levels, and this agreement allows us to offer a more comprehensive range of solutions and expertise in both common and specialized areas. We see excellent benefits for our clients and mutual business objectives by working with Chemic.”

The cooperation model between the two companies will consist of each company offering each other’s services and direct access to the technical subject matter experts. Chemic and Gateway will utilize well established and developed chromatographic, spectroscopic and microscopic analytics to provide Extractable & Particulate Matter data assessing material compatibility and suitability for biopharma use. Developing detailed informational packages will allow SUS users to 1) Streamline their processes, 2) Predict material compatibility, and evaluate 3) Product /Process risk, as applicable.