Oil Testing & Analysis

Oil testing and analysis is a key part of any preventative maintenance schedule, but the data you acquire are only as good as the interpretation.

Oil Testing & Analysis - Gateway Analytical

Equipment failure and unscheduled downtime can devastate your operations. Time is lost, money is spent — both unnecessarily. Conducting routine oil testing and analysis on lubricants, fuels, and other mechanical fluids provides crucial information that can help you to regain control over your maintenance schedule. First, however, you’ll need to interpret the data correctly.

Gateway Analytical provides oil testing and analysis that creates value by maximizing return on investment for your maintenance scheduling. We monitor wear, evaluate contamination, and can pinpoint where your oil is in the life cycle. Plus, our predictive intelligence framework allows you to lower maintenance costs, experience fewer outages, and increase productivity. That way, your machinery can continue to operate at peak performance.

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