Predictive Maintenance & Analysis

Industrial fluids analysis provides quantitative insights on your fleet’s health. Gateway Analytical is a leading expert in wear debris testing for hydraulic fluids and oils.

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Your fleet operates in the toughest environments. Whether you’re serving thousands of riders per day with an urban transportation network or hauling cargo across the country by air or land, your mechanics are constantly busy tracking the performance of industrial fluids and responding to mechanical failures. But how much time and money is wasted with unexpected failures or unruly maintenance schedules?

Gateway Analytical’s industrial fluids analysis services provide a better approach to maintaining optimal fleet performance through quantitatively-informed predictive maintenance. Fluid contamination is the primary reason hydraulic systems fail and greatly influences the quality of oils, lubricants, and fuels. Particulate matter and other unwanted particles can be introduced through inevitable wear processes. As experts in particle sizing, counting, and identification for various industries, we not only investigate problems but also help you to arrive at solutions tailored for the unique needs of your fleet.

Our industrial fluids analysis services enable custom predictive maintenance schedules built on quality data generation.
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Industrial fluids analysis powers predictive maintenance capabilities that make it easy to quantify performance bottlenecks and ROI.

We believe routine maintenance should be anything but routine. See how our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to provide expert wear debris testing and contamination analysis for the industrial fluids that drive your business.