Surface Defect Analysis for Pharmaceuticals

Surface defect analysis covers a broad range of materials in the pharmaceutical industry, from glass storage containers to drug delivery capsules.

Surface Defect Analysis - Gateway Analytical

Product surfaces can affect the life expectancy of a material, the functionality and quality of the end product, and determine performance. Therefore, it is important to understand the suitability of surfaces that interact with your specific drug formulation to avoid costly defects that may arise during storage or handling. Should a defect form, its cause and potential impact on product quality cannot be appreciated without thorough analysis.

Gateway Analytical offers surface defect analysis in order to determine the presence of defects and analyze how they formed. Our experts rely on both imaging and chemical assessments to arrive at a final conclusion for your project. We use optical microscopy and high resolution SEM imaging to probe the appearance of surfaces and, if needed, also leverage spectroscopy techniques to gain insight into the composition of a surface for complete analysis.

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