Raw Materials Analysis

Raw materials analysis provides data for gaining insight into existing manufacturing processes or helping to determine potential changes to further optimize your cost profile.

Raw Materials Analysis - Gateway Analytical

The outputs are only as good as the inputs. Optimizing manufacturing processes won’t get you very far if you don’t stop to consider the quality of the raw materials. Contaminants and impurities present in the inputs can negatively impact final product quality, performance, and safety. Determining the level of impurities that begins to compromise final products will help you to maintain quality manufacturing processes, avoid costly recalls, and even allow you to optimize supply chain volatility and process costs.

Gateway Analytical provides proactive and reactive raw materials analysis. These services allow our customers to have peace of mind knowing their products will continue to meet the most stringent quality standards, or to quickly determine if starting raw materials are the possible source for end product foreign particulate matter. Our experts utilize an all-of-the-above approach that may include microscopy, FTIR, Raman, and/or SEM-EDS depending on a project’s unique needs.

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