Forensic analysis is used to properly identify evidence, corroborate witness testimony, and exonerate innocent individuals. It’s important to get it right.

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Forensic scientists and analysts know all too well that even the smallest piece of trace evidence can lead to a big break in a criminal investigation. However, you may only get one opportunity to trace gunshot residue to a firearm used in a crime or confirm the root source of single fibers and hairs. Delivering accurate results and interpreting data requires thorough analytical processes and expertise that goes beyond simply owning specialized instrumentation.

Gateway Analytical provides forensic analysis services conducted by a team of court qualified technical experts in ISO accredited facilities. We perform general physical and chemical analysis on trace evidence such as paint, hair, fibers, and general unknowns. We also conduct gunshot residue testing and analysis on standard kits or samples that require additional extraction steps to confirm the presence of specific particles. If required, our expert scientists can even offer onsite or remote testimonies to explain the evidence to the court.

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Final opinions issued on forensic evidence are only as good as the analysis itself.

There isn’t any room for error when it comes to forensic analysis. Good thing our experts have seen it all, which means you’ll always get fast and accurate determinations.

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