Forensic Analysis Services From Gateway Analytical

Many of our scientists are not only formally trained in forensic analysis, but also are court-qualified experts. Our thorough examinations of trace evidence including gunshot residue, hair, and fibers provide expert opinions that can exonerate an individual or lead to justice being served.

Forensic Materials Analysis - Gateway Analytical

Gunshot residue (GSR) testing and analysis is a key component in investigations and criminal proceedings involving the discharge of firearms.

Gunshot Residue (GSR) Analysis

The presence or absence of gunshot residue can corroborate witness statements and testimony and provide investigational leads. This forensic analysis, also known simply as GSR, is important in crimes involving any events in which a firearm is discharged.

Gateway Analytical offers gunshot residue testing of sample kits from hand, clothing, and car specimens, among others. We can also isolate material from clothing evidence in the laboratory for analysis. The information provided at the end of our gunshot residue testing and analysis includes a final opinion on the presence of particles characteristic of, consistent with, and commonly associated with gunshot residue; along with comment on the meaning of those results.

In addition, our technical experts are also court qualified experts who can offer onsite or remote testimony for deposition or trial.

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