Michael Koehler

Michael Koehler - Business Development Coordinator/Associate Scientist - Gateway Analytical

Michael Koehler is an Associate Scientist at Gateway Analytical. Michael started with Gateway Analytical in 2019, originally working as the Project Coordinator and later the Business Development Coordinator before moving into his current position. Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, and a Business Management Minor from LaRoche University. Prior to working with Gateway Analytical, Michael was a paint Chemist for PPG Industries, and a laboratory technician for Kop-Coat.

In his free time, Michael enjoys building and operating radio controlled model airplanes and boats, and is currently working on a 10 foot long model of the Titanic in 1:87 scale. Michael also enjoys collecting antique windup gramophones and records from the early 1900s, and can often be found in local antique shops searching for such treasures.